Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC)
  • Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC) launched the first barcode system in 1984.
  • Barcode wristbands are extremely multipurpose. They are commonly used to track and store a lot of data, its tested as 100% scan rate and are non-transferable, non-expandable, single use and tamper proof.
  • In recent days, many hospitals prefer PDC bar coded wristbands than any other systems present. Here are the proven advantages to pick the patient bar coded system and its PDC's experience.
  • Each barcode bracelet can be adjusted to fit almost any wrist. Several types are prepared with a non-reusable locking clip. Some fit in an adhesive strip, which is rendered after pulling off a covering tab. Once done, a strong adhesive strip makes the bsnfd almost anti-tamper.

Special Features

  • Direct Thermal or Thermal transfer
  • Print text, linear & 2D barcodes
  • Suitable for wet and dry environments.
  • Tamperproof, secure snap closure
  • Latex free, soft material
  • In Adult, Pediatric & Infant sizes
  • Colors available: White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange


  • In Hospitals,Barcode bracelets are useful at any location where patients who must be identified or information will be recorded must. Increased the accuracy and timesavings will be convert into benefits in any environment.
  • In Industries, information proving that bar coded bands can be help to improve the patient safety, boost caring quality , and achieve industry mandates. But, not at all custom made bracelets deployments will be take the advantage of the full value bar coding can be deliver.
  • Realizing the lot of benefit requires that the information provided on the wristband must afford easy readability, and it will be deliver the correct information.
  • In sample management, Barcodes are to be considered as very essential quality assurance means to the track medical samples and Quality assurance methods will be provided conveniently to the patient's bedside by the employing barcode scanning to the correlate samples with the patients.
  • list of the best practices to ensure that patient bands contains the right information and meet the industry mandates.
  • Repeat the 2D bar codes across the band.
  • Use the two linear bar codes.
  • Include the human-readable text.
  • Include the medical record number and the financial institution number.
  • Include check the digits for security.
  • Include print time and other traceable text.

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