Universally accepted snap bracelets are now showing very trendy as a promotional piece. These have no safety features but it's used commonly to support events, venues, brands and campaign awareness.

The snap bands bends around the wrist when uniformly tapped on the arm, the spongy material underneath the band provides the wearer a high level of comfort. The top most surface can be multi colored or glossy colored with a promotional message in a most excellence finish.

The tamper proof aluminum alloy seals are distinctively designed for this application and are elite to our product. By controlling the availability of these seals we can offer you a tremendously secure method of crowd control.

In fact these snap bracelets were used from the year of 80s itself. You just need to place the flat snap band over your wrist and just SLAP it and it'll get wrapped around your wrist.

Many companies have found out several kinds of bands with their promotional brands and logos over that. However, you can also create your own logos or text of our wish or which are prominently visible for you.

Benefits of Snap Wristbands

Snap Wristbands
  • snap clip closure were provides tamperproof security .It could not be removed from the patient's wrist without destroying wristband
  • High resolution text and barcodes can be directly printed on the surface using the standard desktop direct thermal printers
  • Extremely durable and its resistant to abrasion, water, soap, alcohol and Betadine
  • Unique slap bracelet design will provides ultimate in patient comfort
  • It may be Latex-free and hypoallergenic