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Company Name Kulayful Silicone Bracelets
Address 2267 Joshua Tree Way, West Covina, CA 91791,United States
Company E-mail Id sales@kulayful.com
Company Phone (888)272-8880
Company Fax
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Kulayful Silicone Bracelets- the Company has two main offices based in Burbank, California and in West Covina, California. It started back in 2005 during the fad of the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Bands. People were going crazy on this, and have been looking for places that manufacture these. We decided to jump into the market and cater the needs of these people.

Kulayful Silicone Bracelets Company details
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Starting Year 2005
Shopping Type Online Shopping
Website http://www.kulayful.com/
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Press release/ Info:

Irene Arriola 2013-01-03 14:41:32
First time buyer. Be grateful to you for the immediate shipping and delivery on our bracelet product. Our acquire came out excellent and we search ahead to doing business enterprise again in the future!!!

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