A durable, non-allergenic stainless steel medical ID attached to silicone wristband tag.. These wristbands have a colored, sunken area to be engraved with up to 80 characters of medical alert or emergency contact information. Priced at only $14.95 each including personalization, these are the lowest priced Medical ID Bracelets on the market today! They are extremely strong and will last for years to come. Unlike our Strong ID emergency wristbands which are not designed for daily wear, our new Medical Alert wristbands can be worn 24/7! We hope you like the new design and that you will tell your friends too!

wristband connection proudly sells Medical Alert Wristband.


    Protects in an emergency

  • Medic Alert ID can help protect you in an emergency, no matter where you are in the world. If there is any emergency, personnel and healthcare professionals call via 24/7 Emergency Response Service, which is operated by professionally trained staff.
  • The comfortable silicone wristband tag can be added to a range of activity trackers and watches.
  • This wristband tag is available with a small or large medical ID.
  • Measure your activity tracker or watch and select according to available sizes:
    Small: 13mm (h) & 30mm (w)
    Large: 20mm (h) & 30mm (w)
  • 24/7 emergency service access to your health information.
  • Secure online access to your electronic health record 24/7.
  • Health information is clinically validated, reviewed and date stamped each time you update your electronic heath record.


medical-alert Wristbands
  • Offers a wide selection of comfortable, trusted and recognized brand name medical ID's for various lifestyles, ages, and needs.
  • When first responders, doctors or pharmacists call this service, they're provided with vital information about a patient's health conditions, ensuring they can receive the fastest and most effective treatment.
  • Electronic health record can be updated at any time.
  • Medical ID engraving is free and customized to your individual needs.
  • Your personal/medical information will be laser engraved to the front of the medical ID.


Medical alert button is the integral part of any medical alert system. This button is the only part of the equipment the user will have constant contact with.

Once the user presses the help button, it will send a signal to the base unit (and the main purpose of the base unit is to establish the connection with the call center).

medical-alert Wristbands

Help button should be worn all the time!!! even when showering or sleeping as we never know when an emergency situation might happen. Help buttons come in many shapes and forms, and we have three most common mounting options:
• Necklace pendant
• Wristband
• Belt clip
The user should check if the help button is water resistant or not (99% it is water proof). Help button pendant usually has one big button that a user needs to press during an emergency.

Two-way Communication Feature

Some help button wristband have a two-way speaker built-in. This is a highly useful feature, but usually comes at an added cost. With a two-way talking help button wristband, the user can comfortably communicate with the call center agents directly through the worn device. The alternative is to use a built-in two-way speakerphone on the base station for communication, but sometimes we are just too far from the base station to hear the call center agent on the other end of the line.

2-Way Communication – The base unit hardware supports two-way communication, which means that the device is used for both alerting the call center agents and communication.
Battery Life – The 5-day battery life is provided with all of the companies that offer this type of mobile device. The hardware comes with the charging station on which the device is placed when it needs to be recharged. It only takes 3 hours for this small cradle to fully charge the device.
Connection Type – The unit uses both built-in WiFi AND cellular network to operate (Usually AT&T), so there is no need for a landline. Since the system uses cellular network OR WiFi connection to operate, the device will be operational as long as there is network coverage.
GPS Tracking – This base station supports GPS tracking, which makes it a perfect on the go solution, as the call center agents will be able to detect the location of the user in need, even if the user is unable to communicate. In such cases, the call center agent can see the location of the user on the screen when the alert signal is sent, allowing the agent to help swiftly and dispatch the emergency service to the exact location where the signal from the pendant is detected.
Fall Detection – Fall detection is supported by this system, but some companies include it as a part of the system price, while other companies offer it as an optional feature, available at an additional cost.

Fall Detection Automatic Alert Feature

Another major option when it comes to help button is fall detection. Some help button pendants can automatically detect falls.This means that if the person wearing the help button falls, the pendant will automatically place a call to the monitoring center. In this situation, the user does not need to physically press the button in order to call for help. If the person cannot get up or is unresponsive – the local emergency response service are sent immediately to the location. It is important to note that fall detection does not guarantee 100% accurate detection, so the user is always encouraged to press the button in case of a fall. All medical alert systems have a help button that a user can press in case of an emergency. With the age of 65 and over, the risk of falling increases dramatically. A fall can happen anywhere, in the home or outside of it. Bathrooms are especially dangerous due to slippery surfaces. When a senior experiences a fall, consequences are very serious.
medical-alert Wristbands

Those seniors who are living independent lives can get in a real trouble if they experience a fall and cannot get up. It is known that many times it happened for a person living alone to experience a fall in their home, and remain undiscovered for days. Those situations greatly diminish chances for successful recovery in the hospital This is why a lot of medical alert companies offer fall detection pendants. Fall detection technology is built into the wearable help button. It uses sensors that can detect falls.

When a person wearing a fall detection wristbandexperiences a fall, the call for help is made automatically. There is no need to physically press the help button in this situation. This is important as sometimes the user, due to injuries, cannot press the help button. Also, the person might be unresponsive or lose consciousness.In those situations, the fall detection saves lives. It is known that there is a golden hour, a time window in which if the person gets medical assistance – the chances of successful recovery are significantly increased. Fall detection automatically makes a call to the emergency call center in case of an accident that involves a fall. This means that the monitoring center of the medical alert company is aware of the accident, as soon as it happens and is able to take swift actions to provide medical assistance. This is why a lot of seniors choose to get this add-on for the home medical alert system

medical-alert Wristbands

There are only two downsides to using a fall detection system – 1. The first one is that medical alert companies do not guarantee 100% precise fall detection. It is usually labeled as "detects 99% of falls" and has a disclaimer to it. This is because the fall detection pendant might not be able to detect all kinds of falls and accidents. Of course, the system is generally accurate and will work as intended, in most of the cases.
2. The other downside is the cost. Fall detection systems are always a bit more expensive

So How to Find a Medical Alert System With Fall Detection Alert Feature?

Fall detection is usually an add-on for the pendant itself, but not all systems sold by a certain company offer this functionality and support fall detection pendants. Fall detection comes at an added cost and it is usually charged on monthly basis. Here are the Top 6 Pendants with Fall Detection Alert Technology available on the market today.

Additional Help Buttons

When purchasing medical alert service, it is often possible to get additional help button pendants. These can be used by a spouse or other people living in the same home. The number of additional pendants that can be connected to the same base stationin a home varies between companies.

Help Button Range

The range of the help button depends on the system equipment and varies between different manufacturers, and it is recommended to test the operating range of the systemwhen first installing it. The layout of the home and building materials may also influence the operating range. Usually the help button will work anywhere within the home and in close proximity around it. Some help buttons have a really long range, so they work even outside of the home, in the garden or at neighbor's home for example. Also, some buttons might have an indicator when they are out of the range (less common).

Alert Button Design

The design of the button can vary quite a bit. Usually, the buttons are small and discrete. Some help buttons might look really modern, others might be fashionable with different accessories (lanyards or exchangeable wristbands, etc.) available.


The battery in a help button usually lasts for a long time, but in case of a two-way talking pendant it needs to be replaced / charged more regularly. Two-way talking pendants can often be used for answering regular calls as well, just like with a wireless landline phone. The company will often replace batteries in help button device free of charge, and batteries can last for years as the help button is only used for sending a distress signal to the base station upon pressing the button.

Choosing a Help Button

When choosing a help button, think about which options you need.