Rubber Wristbands

    Laser made wristbands are similar to the Livestrong wristbands except you can order small quantities. Your message is laser engraved in the silicone wristband. Laser made wristbands are made from 100% silicone. Laser made custom silicone wristbands are latex free, hypoallergenic and child safe. This is the preferred option for ordering small quantities. There are no minimums. This product can be shipped within 24 hours. Printing can be achieved by out single sheet that easily allows you to print both wristbands and labels at the same time from the same laser printing tray. This allows a one-stop process to a Positive Patient Identification. The Laser band and label sheets are manufactured in the USA

    Lazer made wrist bands resemble the live strong debossed style. Lazer wrist bands are one of the apt choices of bracelets that add another flavor to your trendy style. This ecstatic Lazer made wrist bands can be engraved just with a simple setup program. They do not require a mold to be engrossed; they are rather less expensive than the embossed and debossed versions of the wrist bands. Lazer bands are a symbol of fashion statement to the youngsters. They contain some of the most inspirational messages that are concerned with some of the noble causes working on the non profit motives. The message on the Lazer bands are chosen by the clients and these messages in turn are debossed on the black rubber bracelets.

    The process of the Lazer engraving the bands is caused by friction and it does not require any adjusting in fixing the material to be engrossed. They offer some of the best turnaround facilities at reasonable prices. They require more labor intensive capacity to deboss the message on the bands. The lazer made bands are limited to certain types of fonts and you can get some of the images also debossed on the bands. You have a range of options available in different sizes and the colors of the Lazer made bands. Further Great wrist bands always exist to fulfill the needs and wants of its users, satisfy you with our high quality products and the wide range of varieties available to choose some of the ecstatic products.


    Laser wristbands are manufactured from soft, synthetic and latex-free material for patient comfort even in the shortest wear time.
    The wrist bands are by far the most comfortable lightweight bands on the market while cost saving labels are easy to peel and adhere to patient charts and records. Laser wristband comes in a handy A4 sheet format for quick and easy use in existing laser ink-jet printers.


  • It has an average life of several days with a security feature and must be cut off to be removed.
  • Patented self-laminating seal protects the wristband from moisture and hand-sanitisers, preserving patient data for longer wristband usability
  • Ability to simultaneously print patient chart labels and the wristband on one sheet, streamlining patient admissions.
  • Available with hole-punches for securement into patient charts.
  • Enables quick deployment of a bar-coded wristband solution without the need for a separate printer for wristbands.
  • Self-laminating LaserBand wristbands feature the ability to print wristbands and labels on one sheet utilising existing laser printers.
  • Robust enough to last up to one week and able to withstand hot water and soap, the labels are best suited to short-stay patients and outpatients.
  • Laser Line wristband is also ideal for customers wishing to use their existing printers.
  • The wristbands are suitable for up to 1 week of use.

Advantages of Laser Wristbands

    1. Wristbands easily replaces other major brands and are standard when it comes to convenient solutions to adult patient security.
    2. The Laser bands are tamper evident and are tear resistant.
    3. The material is also excellent for bar code printing from laser printers.
    4. white or color laser printers.
    5. It is ideally suited for the Health Care Systems for patient care, laboratories, and admissions.
    6. Convenient for nursing staff, each pack contains 250 sheets, with each sheet containing 16 self-adhesive labels.
    7. The self-adhesive feature enables tamper proof closure, which guarantees that the correct data remains secured to the right patient at all times.

Disadvantages of Laser Wristbands

    1) Less Versatile
    2) Smaller
    3) Not as Widely Accepted