Robert K. 2023-01-28 11:46:27
This is the No 1 Company in USA. Very good quality. They have sense what does quality means. Thanks all of them.
Nancy K. 2023-01-28 11:42:15
The ordering process was great. Hopefully the quality of the product is as good.
Noel P. 2023-01-28 11:35:09
these guys sent me an illegible batch of wristbands(which they clearly did not bother to even LOOK AT prior to shipping). when they arrived, i immediately contacted them via email to request another order, since this 1st order looked so terrible. they agreed to redo the bands and resend, with shipping being again AT MY COST...
Kerryann B 2023-01-28 11:32:03
I had a question about the design and used the chat feature and it was very quick and easy and Heidi was very helpful. I feel confident in the product I have ordered will be just perfect!
Kody H. 2023-01-28 11:25:41
I used to order from 24HourWristbands. Wristbands from them are so much more expensive. I am happy to find a most cost effective option that is based state side.
Marcus M. 2023-01-28 06:46:55
Continue the great work. I do wish shipping gets faster over time, thanks:)
Elena N. 2023-01-28 06:43:54
National Ticket is known as a stable employer offering fairly competitive wages. The production employees are required to join the union which offers some real protections along with a few limitations for personal advancement.
Corey R 2023-01-28 06:35:28
Great product with an even greater delivery speed. High quality that fits the price...
Becca E. 2023-01-28 06:31:32
It is quick and easy. I just hope that the symbols are hash tags and not stars. My sons best friend passed away unexpectedly and him and his friends are looking forward to getting these wristbands.
Teresa R 2023-01-28 06:26:54
Going back and forth between screen (like editing something Allred in the cart) kept exiting me out of the site. It just was not super fluid to go in an out of different areas of the site.
Karissa B. 2023-01-28 06:23:46
The website needs updated. It was kind of complicated to use. It took me almost an hour to place my order of four different sets of bracelets.Everything turned out great, was reasonably priced, and arrived in a timely manner. Thank you!
Norris C. 2023-01-28 06:20:25
All was good ecept for payment. I elected to pay via PayPal and I thought I did but then I had issues with the system and ended up paying via credit card to order and clear my cart. I may get double billed. Sent you folks a message about the billing. Other than that, good stuff...
Juli M. 2023-01-28 06:18:30
The website was easy to use and the product looked great. Just too easy to break, and some were already broken when received.
Steve S. 2023-01-28 06:16:49
Best boutique in the area! The best brands in the game Supreme / crooks /10 deep / Villany / Obey. There is stuff in this boutique you won't find anywhere else the most exclusive street wear in the game. Customer service is great too. Very cool people, I will always come here for great clothes from good people.
joseph F. 2023-01-28 06:13:04
this is my 2 purchase with you and i have not had any issues except trying to sigh in wont except my user name or password
Raymond G. 2023-01-28 05:41:18
i am trying to figure out why I have not received my order. I fixed the art issue in May. I called two weeks ago and was told it would be delivered this week and I call today to hear it still in production. No supervisors are available to talk with. I have ordered in the past and have had no issues. I have event next week and need more here ASAP. If not, please refund me my money.
Andrew P. 2023-01-28 05:22:50
I received my order three days late based on the shipping that I paid for. I tried to contact the company to get tracking information for my shipment and I received no response. The product ordered was exactly as I ordered and looked great but unfortunately I received after the event I ordered it for. If I pay for a certain shipping timeframe then I expect to get it by the date I paid for or before. If you are not in a rush then you will most likely be happy with the product you will get, if you are in a hurry, order at your own risk.
Eric 2023-01-26 11:22:44
Website ordering flow is a little tricky, but the products I ordered were just as expected, and even a little better manufactured. Will definitely order from again in the future.
Margaret M. 2023-01-26 11:08:29
Lots of color choices. I like how I could see the message on all of the different colored bands but I couldn't scroll to see all of my choices-- only a few. I'm sure they will be good though:)
Nila S. 2023-01-26 11:05:21
we ordered wristbands for a free medical/dental event for the volunteers. we got the wristbands but no large which is what we needed the most. Tried to get the large sent to us or a refund - no word from the company. I would never use this company again.