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    Xylo Wristbands


    Rubber Wristbands


      Xyloband contains led and radio frequency receivers. The wristbands light can be controlled by a software program, which send signal to wristband, instructing it to light up or blink. Xylobands are first used on Coldplay’s 2012 Mylo Xyloto tour. At the time of concert, xyloband was given to each member of the audience. The Flashing of wristband was transpired to the music.
      XYLO wristband instantly takes the people visual experience to the next level
      LED bracelets are offered in 2 distinct formats.
      1) Standard Style Glow & Flash
      Standard Style Glow & Flash LED wristbands – This can be used in 4 modes. Each mode is activated by pushing the button on the top of the case. The LED wristband includes multi-color changes and 7 case colors including transparent, which allows the LED Glow to illuminate the case.
      Mode 1 – solid glow
      Mode 2 – rapid flashing
      Mode 3 – slower flashing
      Mode 4 – Off
      2) Sound/Vibration Activated LED Wristbands
      These xylobands will flash to the beat of songs or the vibration of speakers. They can even perform quit well as a motion activated flash if there is enough movement/vibration to trigger the sensor. The LED sensor is turned on with a simple on/off switch located on the side of the case.


    • Xylobands are constructed out of thick fabric with LEDs inside the fabric.
    • A radio receiver is located within a plastic case on the band, and it receives wireless signals from a controller.

    These signals are sent either by a remote controller or laptop controller linked to a radio transmitter.
    The operator of the controller or laptop software may program all wristbands or only those of certain colors to flash on and off at specific intervals and specific moments.

    • TPU flat optic fiber
    • ABS switch box Power supplied by 2x CR1220 button cells

    Uses of Xyloband

      • They are blast to wear at a party or concert. • Used to create a stunning light show at live events
      • Xylobands creates many stunning visual effects and images

    Advantages of Xyloband

      1.Xylobands can have customer suggested logo or brand image onto the wristband strap as well as the battery casing.
      2.Long Battery life
      4.RadioFrequency Identification
      5.Full Color
      6.Good branding
      7.Hand-held controller
      8.Radio Controlled Lighting
      9.Zonal Control
      10.Customer Designs are accepted
      11.The wristbands are not affected by smoke machines, adverse weather conditions because of radio frequency.

    Disadvantages of Xyloband

      1. LED wristbands are more expensive
      2. It can shift color due to age and temperature.
      3. Contrast ratios not consistent.

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