100% Security

Texttag Wristbands

This type band provide the highest level of security out of all bracelets, because the design is knitted rather than printed, creating them practically impossible to imitate. The band is locked by a metal clip which can done only under supervision using a tool.

Texttag wristbands with its high tensile ribbon can be woven in upto 6 colors presenting high impact design facility.

The bands measures 15mm x 350mm which will offer a large segment to interlace promotional messages and sponsors logos.

The tamper proof aluminum alloy seals are distinctively designed for this application and are elite to our product. By controlling the availability of these seals we can offer you a tremendously secure method of crowd control.

The tamper proof aluminum alloy locks are typically devised for this purpose. By powering the accessibility of these locks, secure method is offered tremendously.

The Closing Tool

The closing tool crimps the lock to the ribbon guarantying that the ribbon is absolutely non-transferable. Consequently to give complete security, these tools are rented for the duration of your event only by the providers.

This builds sure that only the specific people have access to the equipment.


  • It may be used in Clubs
  • It can be used for Outdoor Events
  • Amusement Parks
  • Concerts
  • Seminars & Conferences
  • Hospitals & Clinics