The hottest introduction of the ixtreme range of products drives us into the subsequent generation of accessing portfolio to manage products. This exciting technology has not formerly been available in the market earlier. The iXtreme Plus wristbands apply the lenticular printing process, which gives a moving series of images when the bracelet is tilted, equal to 1.2 seconds of video footage, while the Ixtreme using full color printing, provides photographic quality graphics.

In addition to the custom products Ixtreme Cards can be used in combination with a lanyard. Available in both lenticular and in high quality color version. The iXtreme cards are perfect for access passes or even "gig guides". The size of the cards can vary to outfit your particular requisites. Printing up to 4 colors on the front and back makes this product an accurate quality and best addition to any occasion.

The intricacies involved of manufacturing this product gives an extremely elevated level of safety and makes the band impracticable to copy. By adding extra security elements such as sequential numbers and even distinctive barcodes developed the most technically advanced

Ixtreme Features

Ixtreme Wristbands
  • You can add upto 4 colors fon the front and back of your bracelets
  • Option of 3D animation is available
  • Images can zoom or swirl in/out
  • Both Bar coding and sequential numbering are available
  • Option of Reverse side printing is also available
  • You can customize bands on no-minimums
  • Detachable stub

The excellence of the design and artwork is important, so high resolution (min 300dpi) pictures or video footage is applied. Interact with your designers or agency to acquire this feature. Additionally, computer generated samples from lesser resolution artwork are also offered.


  • Manufacturers of ixtreme bands may be make the vague claims about bracelets ability to which thats help "mend" interruptions in our bodies "natural" and the electrical field.
  • They will be go on to say that the bands uses centuries old oriental science by which bring balance to body after you experience injury or the joint pain.
  • Critics point to which these vague statements are as the reason to the doubt whether there's real science or snake oil behind the claims. But critics haven't been able to prove that custom made bands and their claims will be fraudulen