Plastic wristbands are widely used for all purposes where visual means of recognition is required. These bands are durable and comfortable to wear for extended period. The non-reusable locking finish daunts movement and enhances security.

Plastic Snap Wristbands

Plastic Wristbands
  • Plastic bracelets are the most secure choice for 1-5 day events. They are made of durable bi-laminate, non-stretch, non-tear material, yet weightless and comfortable.
  • And also water resistant and more durable than any other adhesive bands. The everlasting snap finish can be pre-adjusted to fit almost any size of wrist.
  • This snap finish builds the bracelet much complex to tamper with or transfer, and thus by making impossible to re-snap. Therefore cannot be taken off without being cut or physically breaking the snap.

Plastic Bands

  • Plastic band can be classified as standard, expression and custom made. Standard plastic bands are available in plain colors.
  • Expression bands are available at affordable prices.
  • These bands are offered with a variety of expressions, such as VIP and above 21. They are also available with various themes such as Jazz, palm trees, X-games and checkerboard.


  • Ultra stretch-resistant band for utmost security
  • Lightweight
  • Locking plastic snap avoids transfer
  • Custom printing available