Frequently Asked Questions

Visitors and Customers Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Wristbands?
Wristbands are a superb way to manage crowds, separate different parties, or let certain people in particular areas.

What are wristbands made of?
Wristbands are made from 100% silicone rubber that goes through a polishing method before they are shipped to you. We do not use a synthetic rubber to create wristbands.

Can we put our logo for our wristbands?
Yes...your logo can be printed on any of the wristbands. All the online companies in wristbands offer you this facility.

Are wristbands refundable?
Yes but it depends on mode prescribed of that particular company. Some companies refund within a week where as some in days where as some don't accept for refund of wristbands.

What is wristband policy and when are they used?
Wristbands are used at the prudence of the promoter. In most of the cases, they are used for the on-sale of a huge act coming into the Center. Wristbands are normally distributed several days before the date of the on-sale at the Times Union Center box office. Benefactors must wear the wristbands throughout the on-sale. If a wristband is detached or tampered with, it is invalid. Only one wristband is allowed per benefactor.

I have never used wristbands before. Y do I need them?
Wristbands assist classify and track inmate by classification level, medication distribution, tracking, and commissary use. They help hoard time, money, and labor, while making sure positive inmate identification (PPI).

Do the companies Offer customized packaging?
Yes! All of the silicone wristbands are independently packed in a clear polybag at no additonal cost. unique packaging is available with full color card inserts.

What are the types of wristbands does the companies offer?
There are many types like multi-type bands, silicone bands, Tyvek bands and many other kinds are offered by most of the companies trading in wristbands.

What are the sizes of the wristbands offered by these companies?
Well the size varies from one concern to another. There are sizes manufactured which is very convenient for you.

Can I purchase one wristband?
This also depends on the company. Some agree for selling one while some will have minimum orders for the purchase.