Color-filled Wristbands is another unique wristband which carries a hidden message in their colours. The layer of colour makes your bands more fashionable and ensures that more people will notice your opinion. We offer hundreds of colour combos which will work best for you. Each colour represents its own message to create awareness about diseases or social issues. For example:

  • Blue Wristbands

Blue wristbands are to create awareness about diseases like colon and colorectal cancer or social issues like animal abuse and domestic violence.

  • Red Wristbands

The colour red symbolises the fight against AIDS and HIV and heart diseases.

  • Burgundy Wristbands

A burgundy wristband represents support for disabled adults and support for long term health conditions.

  • Green Wristbands

Green wristbands are prominent for their support environmental causes and also for physical and mental conditions like bipolar and Tourette's syndrome.

  • White Wristbands

White bracelets commonly used for social issues. These bracelets were made famous by the campaign 'Make Poverty History'. They also represent peace and religious beliefs.

  • Purple Wristbands

A purple silicone bracelet signifies mental ailments and social issues such as ADHD and elder abuse.

  • Pink Wristbands

Pink is famously used for breast cancer awareness.

  • Yellow Wristbands

Yellow wristband was first used by Lance Armstrong in order to raise more awareness and funds for the research of testicular cancer and other types of cancers including liver and bladder.

  • Orange Wristbands

Orange bracelets advocate malnutrition.

  • Grey Wristbands

Grey wristbands illustrates allergies, asthma and brain cancer awareness.

  • Multi-Colour Wristband

Multi coloured wristbands represents well-known social movements like autism awareness, multiculturalism, and LGBTQ community support.

  • Black Wristbands

Black wristbands displays mourning and advocate sleep disorders. Black bracelets represent prisoners of war, 9/11, gang prevention. Black bracelets also represent the support for blacks or African Americans or any minority group.

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