Glitter Wristbands

    • Glittering Silicone wristbands adds style and fun to your special events with numerous styles of sparkling.
    • These wristbands are water-resistant and traits a locking plastic snap to prevent transfer.
    • They are made of tri-laminate plastic and are non-stretchable, durable and are comfortable to wear.

Metallic Wristbands

    Metallic bracelets, or ionic wristbands, are a type of metal jewelry purported to affect the chi of the wearer, though no claims to effectiveness—or the basis for such claims—have been substantiated by their manufacturers.

Glitter And Metallic Wristbands

    • Glitters and metallic wristbands makes your events more stylish and fun filled with full sparkling.
    • All glitter and metallic wristbands are good resistant to water and also has a plastic snap for locking.
    • These wristbands can be stretched freely, durable and keeps you inside comfort zone.

Glitter, Metallic Wristbands Features

  • Glitter & Metallic - Size 3/4" X 10".
  • Chrome - Size 0.65" x 11".
  • Feature a locking plastic snap to prevent transfer.
  • Made of tri-laminate plastic.
  • Wristbands are stretch resistant, durable, and comfortable to wear. Standard: Boxes of 500.
  • Small quantities ship within 1-3 business days.
  • Large orders may take up to 3-5 business days to ship.

Glitter, Metallic Wristband Uses

  • Shiny, stylish, holographic surface that shimmers in the light.
  • Has the appearance of a metal surface tinted with color.
  • High visibility identification.
  • No ticket to lose.
  • Non-transferable identification; locking plastic snaps.
  • Broad variety of colors and styles. Save time: employees and security can easily spot wristbands, no need to re-check ID.
  • Custom imprinted: turn your wristbands into a promotional tool with your logo or message.
  • Kids love to keep them for mementos: fun, bright colors and patterns that draw interest.
  • Packs of 50 and 500 available on several styles and colors.

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