• Holographic wristbands are referred to as hologram wristbands. It can make any party or event stand out with their eye-catching metallic and glitter patterns. Holographic wristbands are similar in construction of plastic wristband.
  • Holograms optimize the flow of energy around the body, and so improve an athlete's balance, strength and flexibility" because the holograms are embedded with an electrical frequency that restores the body's electrical balance on contact with its natural energy field.
  • Only anecdotal evidence (i.e. Evidence collected in a casual or informal manner and relying heavily or entirely on personal testimony) supports these claims and tests performed by the Australian Skeptics.


  • Hologram bracelets contain a small hologram. It is programmed through an undisclosed process by manufacturers. Power Balance(i.e. brand of holographic wristband once claimed by its manufacturers and vendors to "use holographic technology" to "resonate with and respond to the natural energy field of the body") who have manufactured the bracelets, say that the programming "mimics Eastern philosophies".
  • The holograms are most usually installed in bracelets and wristbands but are also sold as necklaces or pendant, anklets, pet tags, show inserts, or separately for users to apply to the back of a watch.

Uses of Holographic Wristband

    1. Lasts for a long period.
    2. Holographic bands are good for long –week festivals and celebrations.
    3. Because of feature locking plastic snaps in holographic wristband, wearers can prevent their wristbands from sharing, so users don't have to worry about unauthorized guests.
    4. Customers can also get holographic wristbands with their sponsor's branding and logos, allowing the wristbands to generate additional revenue for users, while preventing counterfeits.

Advantages of Holographic Wristband

    1. Holographic wristbands are water and tear resistant.
    2. Holographic wristbands are available in a variety of colors, including: Blue, Yellow, Red, Black, Purple, Day Glow Pink, and more.
    3. They optimize the natural flow of energy around the body.
    4. The power energy hologram wristband improves balance, flexibility and strength
    5. It also contributes to an overall sense of well being

Disadvantages of Xyloband

  • Holographic wristbands did not have an effect on static balance.
  • The holographic wristband may not have had a physiological impact on the body because the energy that was coming from the holograms may not have been strong enough, or the holograms in the wristbands may not have been large enough.
  • The holographic wristbands may need to worn for a longer period of time to provide a physiological change or impact. Overall, the results show that the use of the wristbands is not warranted to increase proprioception.

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