A USB flash drive is a data storage device that consists of flash memory with an included Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. USB flash drives are usually detachable and rewritable, and actually much smaller than a floppy disk.

USB Wristbands

  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a techie specs to ascertain relationship among gadgets together with a coordinator operator, formulated and also designed by Ajay Bhatt when he was doing the job in Intel. Universal serial bus is organized to swap a lot of forms of sequential and synchronized plug-ins.

  • These strips have all the terrific capabilities of our conventional silicon hand commute they are constructed of substantial exceptional quality silicone that is non-allergenic, prolong sustained and comfy put on. The Expensive Hand Commute is made with a sturdy, prolonged enduring plastic type matter material and functions in a comfortable approach in close to your wrist.

  • Universal serial bus strips have the elevated the aspect which incorporates a diligently well-designed worldwide sequential bus commute that will involve in utilization to store information and specifics, demonstrations, multi-media documents, and a great deal far more!. The USB Wristband is an extremely popular and contemporary style drive with all schools, colleges, and universities throughout the year.

  • The USB Drive Wristband is made of silicone material which makes the device satisfying to wear around the wrist as well as moisture resistant and shockproof with water. Wristband flash drives feature two print areas, allowing you to print your tagline or website across the band and your logo on the clasp.

  • You can customize these drives to match your branding, making it a great option for schools and community centres. The drive contains memory capacities ranging from 1GB-8GB and can be designed with brand logos and advertisements. Having dual functionality, they can be worn as wristbands with USB drive ready for storage of data.

  • These wristbands are a one-of-a-kind promotional tool to draw attention of your target audience. Distribute them to students, employees, and customers at educational seminars, tech fairs, conferences, business meetings, and brand promotions. For fundraising, these wristbands can be sold to event attendees for raising the target funds and donations.

  • Students will find them practical and resourceful to use for regularly storing their data. Appealing to people of all ages and genders, these wristbands is going to be used over and over again by the recipients.

USB Wristbands Uses

  • USB bands offer you a unique option for data storage one that allows you to carry your USB Flash Drive on your wrist.

  • This wearable USB Wristband Flash Drive combines technology with durability and style. Save your files, data, music, video's, even your homework or reports on this flexible flash drive.

  • It's hard to misplace this convenient jump drive that fits stylishly onto your wrist and is ready when you are ready.

  • You can clip this USB Wristband Flash Drive around your wrist, onto your back pack, briefcase or pocketbook.

  • The memory bracelets are available in sizes from 32mb all the way up to 1gb of storage and 8 colors. Because of their construction, it's even possible to have your company's logo embossed into the rubber.

Storage and Colors


  • 1 Gb
  • 2 Gb
  • 4 Gb
  • 8 Gb
  • 16 Gb

  • Colors

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Rose
  • White

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