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    Company Name USMG
    Address 114550 Beechnut St, Houston, Texas 77083
    Company E-mail Id
    Company Phone (832) 510-7944
    Company Fax -
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    Since 2006, USMG focuses to provide a best price, quality and service in the industry. The Susan B. Komen Foundation uses UGMG companys pink bracelets with meaningful messages like Hope and Faith to raise awareness of breast cancer. During summer months customer use USMG Companys custom debossed bands as pool tag passes. Every winter USMG company bracelets being used as stocking stuffers. The company also provides colorful bands for kids with their names or favorite sports teams engraved into them. USMG Company Wristbands are also used in school clubs, political campaigns and religious groups. They can be practical tools, as well as symbolic showpieces.

    Company review
    USMG is one of the great company which as wide range of products. This company has good work place where employee can work peacefully. The products you are ordering will arrive to your given address within 48 hours (2days). Customer satisfaction is there number one priority. The company makes sure that there products are of the highest quality and delivered on time. Customer service policies may be a little different compared to your normal retail shops. They manufacture premium quality silicone wristbands, neoprene can coolers and polyester lanyards. There accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express.
    1.No minimum order is available.
    2.Not enough products.
    3.Not enough hours to complete the target.
    4.Products go through a complicated production process and cannot be remade in a cost effective manner.

    Brand review
    USMG companys wristbands are more flexible and stronger than other companys wristbands. There provide them in different colors and the customers can choose their own fonts, size, artwork and color of the wristband. In USA, many people use this companys wristband for particular events, cause etc. A wristband can have more than one color.
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    Starting Year 2006
    Shopping Type Online Shopping
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    Avaliable Wristbands
    Printed Silicone BraceletsPrinted Silicone Bracelets Embossed Silicone BraceletsEmbossed Silicone Bracelets
    Ink InjectedInk Injected DebossedDebossed
    Color CoatedColor Coated Custom Tyvek WristbandsCustom Tyvek Wristbands
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