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Company Name wristband creation
Address 4416 W. Verdugo Ave. Burbank, CA 91505 United States
Company E-mail Id sales@wristbandcreation.com
Company Phone (800) 403-8050
Company Fax (800) 807 0672
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Wristband Creation are committed to giving out customers the very best of their promotional items, with a focus on excellent customer service, low price, and guaranteed delivery time. Chris Angeles founded this wristband company in 2005. Initially he started off by selling silicone wristbands with messages such as Support Our group and Breast Cancer Awareness. There are fast growing companies, and there have also been expanding the product line to also being able to manufacture other products such as customized lanyards and lapel pins. WristbandCreation.com is owned and operated by Custom Wristbands Inc.,

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Starting Year 2005
Shopping Type Online Shopping
Website https://wristbandcreation.com/
Facebook url https://www.facebook.com/WristbandCreation/
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