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    Address 1650 NW 33rd St, Pompano Beach, FL 33064, USA
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    Wristband Specialty,Inc. was started in 1973 selling as an progeny to the parent hospital company, initially only selling hospital supplies and Medical Wristbands to hospitals. In 2012 there moved their location to a larger facility four times the size of their previous location. The wristband specialty company uses invisible inks to tramp contributors previously and now there also have more than 10 colors of invisible inks to offer with the wristbands. 95 percent of their products are manufactured and printed now in the USA. The company wristband targeted other organization such as museums, waterparks and many other places that needed a way to identify contributors who were in their sites by tagging them with wristbands. There have the ability now to make custom wristbands and a wristband without littering when the tab is removed to expose the adhesive, thermal wristbands, tyvek wristbands, plastic wristbands,vinyl wristband etc.. There most popular wristbands are the Tyvek fiberbands. These feel and look like paper but are actually a strong, non-breakable fiber. These bands are imprinted with neon ink plus an added security feature of an invisible ink design. These wristbands and their invisible designs will glow under black light. Another security feature is the fact that we do not print our name and phone number or web site on the wristbands or their outer package box like our competitors do. Patrons have been known to see this information and contact your supplier to obtain wristbands. Company details
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    Starting Year 1973
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